Between calendars, emails, and personal notes, managing tasks can be a complicated process for everyone involved. The TruMedia Scheduler is a tool we’ve created to not only simplify our task management process, but also to increase visibility into the day to day operations of the team. This way, as clients would introduce new projects or tasks into the client portal, the tasks would automatically come in to be scheduled for each team member.

We set about integrating the system with our Expression Engine back end in order to simplify user creation and content management. Since Expression Engine uses a MySQL database, the first step was to identify the corresponding rows within each entry that needed to be updated after a user, date, or status is changed from the front end. We then use AJAX and PHP to update these rows through custom stored procedures to the options that have been set.

Having a fast and uncluttered interface was a high priority from the very beginning. The front end experience was built using a combination of jQuery UI elements and vanilla jQuery. This allowed for a quick proof of concept to be turned into a fully featured app in very little time.

We experimented with several layout types in order to accommodate a wide set of features and use cases. Ultimately, we ended up with an infinite calendar in order to maximize available text descriptions and minimize any horizontal scrolling. We utilize elements through hover states and pop ups to allow for a glance-able dashboard with as much information as possible for a desired time period. Users are able to accurately assess how busy a given person or team is based on size, color, and frequency of events. This information has proved invaluable in gauging both personal and team workflow.

Watch this 2 minute demo to see the TruMedia Scheduler in action. If you have more questions regarding this simple web app, please contact us on our website.