Every web project eventually hits that final home stretch. The worst is behind you, and the end is in sight… then the emails start flying around. Well meaning clients and designers want to see their dream project reach its full potential, but this dated email approach adds unnecessary complexity for the entire team. Clients are forced to take time out of their busy day to write long lists in emails or at best put everything into an organized spreadsheet. And then it’s up to you to prioritize all those requests, work on the ones you can, and then respond with more emails.

There must be a better way!?

This was the recurring theme of every project until a few years ago when we found BugHerd. BugHerd is the simplest bug tracking software you can find. A short tracking code can be added to any webpage — it’s as easy as adding a Google Analytics. Then you invite your team and your clients to review the project, and just like that you’re capturing feedback in a simple, organized process. When a user submits a comment, BugHerd captures the user’s browser, window size, operating system, and much more, completely removing every developers first response to client feedback … “So… what browser are you on?”

A couple things to watch out for:

That being said…

BugHerd is the simplest, most client friendly approach to tracking feedback for web projects and it’s just another way we’ve removed unnecessary complexity from our workday.